Presentation Junior High is located at 21 Mount Bernard Avenue, Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador and is under the jurisdiction of the Newfoundland & Labrador English School District.

The earliest history of Presentation begins in the early 1960's when on the afternoon of May 27th, 1963, a fire broke out and destroyed St. Bernard's Academy. Excavation for a new building began on the same site on September 4th, 1964. One year later, September 13th, 1965, Presentation Central High School and Presentation Grammar School (present School Board Location) were officially opened. Under the jurisdiction of Roman Catholic School Board- Humber St. Barbe, Presentation Central High School was  an all girls school, which kept in the tradition of educating secondary Catholic students in an all girls/boys environment.

As such, it was the sister school of neighbouring Regina High School. The staff consisted of 7 Presentation sisters, 8 lay teachers, with 324 students. It boasted such "state of art" facilities as a science lab, a choral room and a badly-needed gymnasium, and set out to offer as broad a curriculum as could be boasted during that time. The school colours were green and gold.

A little more than a decade later, in 1977, the school student population was 563 with a staff of 27 - 5 sisters and 22 lay teachers. An unfortunate fire which destroyed Regina High School in August, 1983, transformed Presentation into a co-ed school from 1983-1986, and resulted in Presentation/Regina students attending Presentation High on a shift system. After Regina High was built in 1986, Presentation became a co-ed Kindergarten to eight French Immersion School, while the former Presentation Elementary was renovated to accommodate the present day School Board. During its last year as an elementary school(1991), Presentation had a student population of 551 (294 males/257 females), with 211 students in the French Immersion Program and a teaching staff of 31. In September of 1991, Presentation became a Junior High School and accommodated students from grades 7-9. During its first year as a Junior High School, there were 480 students (242males/238 females), with 69 students enrolled in the French Immersion. The staff consisted of 27 teachers. In September, 1998 Presentation came under the jurisdiction of the newly consolidated Corner Brook-Deer Lake-St. Barbe School Board, and became a non- denominational French Immersion Junior High School. The students population was 440 (223 males/207 females), with 92 French Immersion students. It was staffed by 26 teachers. In 2006, the school became part of Western School District, one of four newly formed districts in the province. Finally, in 2013, Presentation came under the juristiction of the Newfoundland & Labrador School District, a province-wide board combining the previous four districts.

Presentation Junior High is currently one of two junior high schools serving the Corner Brook area.

After 49 years, the 2013-2014 school year will be the last for Presentation as a new junior high school is developed at the former Regina High School location. This school will serve as a regional junior high school.
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